Renewable energy system in Upala, Costa Rica


Design of small renewable energy systems for a reception center for migrants and women victims of violence in a sustainable farm in Upala canton, Costa Rica. The closeness to Nicaragua’s border means that migration flows are frequent in the area lack of institution.
Our project comes from a collaboration with non-profit “Centro de Derechos Sociale del Migrante”, also known as Cenderos, founded in 2001 by a group of Nicaragua’s migrant women.
Socially, the aim is to reintroduce refugees in the society by giving back the basic human rights (health, food and home) through the accommodation in the farm. The hosts will take part to many working activities to be involved in the self-sufficient farm and the project’s aim is to create small business activities by selling agricultural products.
During September 2016 Sabrina Trano and Claudio Cipriani, energy engineer students, have designed small eco – sustainable energy system. The project is still carried out by other students.