An enlightened new year


di Sara Mattei e Federico Quaglini

What we came across in Rutenderi was a photovoltaic system for development of rural areas. Rutenderi is a humble village between maize and beans plantations, on the rwandan hills, where electrical light in the night could be a clear revolution.

In last week of December 2018, some houses started having power and when we arrived in the village, 1°January, a man showed us the happiness Of the whole Community for having light in the last year’s night.

The plant is composed by 200 photovoltaic for a total power Of 50 KW, connected to a storage system that delivers power to the users.

So far around 500 families have quality energy access,i each one ungs 2 lights and a socket.

The improvement of life conditions it’s possible if people is determined to grow together, being in this moment the batteries usage very little, meaning there is enough capacities for more productive machines.  Now the next goal for development is to express the potential of electrical power to promote the growth of new local activities.